Whole 30 Recipe Revisit // Ashley's Sweet Potato Bun

I loved sharing #ashleysweetpotatobun on @whole30recipes last week! I don't know if I necessarily invented it, but I definitely had never seen such a thing when I dreamed of it earlier this year, LITERALLY a dream guys. Aren't whole30 dreams the weirdest? Sorry, that's off topic- Anyway, I made it the next day, posted it and I see those delicious little buns all over the place now! Here's what you do: pick the largest sweet potato you can find, the rounder in shape the better. Slice into 1/4'' pieces, and spread avocado oil on both sides. Place on a cookie sheet and shake some salt & pepper on them. Bake at 400° for 25 min. You will get these perfectly soft sweet potato buns, firm enough to hold in your burger & toppings. Its magic I tell ya. This right here is a bacon, guacamole, spinach burger - I use sugar free bacon, avocados mashed up with a little lime juice & sea salt and grass fed beef. If anyone gives you a hard time about diets and not eating well, you shove this in their face and they'll change their tune real fast. Enjoy!